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This is a personal way of Tatiana Sudaryanto — general (first) designer of the brand «SUDARYANTO» — truthfull and free but steel.

Her own career a girl with Indonesian root began from an early child (as the great did!!!). even now she could find that old-gold archives, old — fangled magazines which she was gathering thoroughly, her first patterns on parchment…

Tatiana Sudaryanto

Tatiana states that she has recognized her-self as a designer at the 4th school class for the first time. Since that her life schedule has been planed fully for the sake of reaching the aim! After graduating from school a textile academy took place in Tatiana?s life. The was loud applause for the young designer at her diploma, moreover academies predicted a great future for Tatiana, which became to come true practically after a students time- in the grand European styled fashion house of that time — «Grekoff». There Sudaryanto got priseless experience in managing of native fashion industry.

Career leader and health creative ambitions helped Tatiana and her friend on time to set up a new trade mark — P-52, which, may be, didn`t break into a glamour international fashion market but did become a start — point for creating a personal design bureau.

The new trade mark clients caught brand-new ideas, fresh personal design with a great pleasure, preferring its high — quality purchase with guarantied long — term, mutual -respective relations. Such approach became the fundamental aspect in whole philosophy of the new brand «design bureau SUDARYANTO».

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